You Can't Love Yourself

You Can't Love Yourself

A rip-roaring adventure through space and time with the Queen of Drag herself, RuPaul Andre Charles! You Can’t Love Yourself is a wickedly camp collection of poems that explore the cult of celebrity and RuPaul as man, myth and monster.

Featuring 12 poems and an essay, plus an extra special guest poem by Chris Smyth.

Out now!


Somewhere on the banks of the Hudson River
RuPaul Andre Charles stands with the heel of a stiletto
pressed against the wet and wrinkled forehead
of a cold and drowning man.

‘I feel like you’re being sabotaged by your inner saboteur,’
RuPaul says, voice as dry and fitted as a Klein Epstein & Parker suit.
As the man opens his mouth to speak
nothing but bubbles come out
and the world’s most famous drag queen turns
and opts to send loving energy instead.

Michael Lee Richardson is a writer and screenwriter from Glasgow who likes likes 80s makeover montages, witches, and going to the shops.

Chris Smyth is an Irish screenwriter who actually prefers it when it’s RuPaul’s Best Friend Race.